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Our athelete’s post about training, pain, and how to defy the odds.
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Limited Release
Only the finest threads for those who rep the D. We are only releasing 100 pieces each of our exclusive, custom gear. Now including a surprise special item!


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There's a time to #DREAM a time to #DEFY and a time to #DELIVER .No time for excuses, nor to shake nor shiver. #RideOrDRY
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The evolution of #DRYFEET Performance Footgear. 12,000 hrs, 24 months, 26 product iterations, and 3 powerful words #DREAM #DEFY #DELIVER
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The @lumbalastrong Team are putting on an awesome youth camp tonight in Van! If you know any kids in Van you've gotta get them involved in this!
Coach, with #DRYFEET Performance footgear the weather plays no role. Your players can focus through the rain, mud, and toe numbing cold. #DRYFEET are an essential tool for every player's toolbox.
No Doubts, I've buried my Demons under a mountain of hard work. Tonight I'm ready for any test, show me your best. #DRYFEET #DRYWORLD